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Tagalog Alphabets

Tagalog language alphabet is based on Latin alphabet. Below is the list of Tagalog alphabets and their pronunciations to help you to learn Tagalog language easily.

Tagalog Alphabet Pronunciation
A a/a/
B b/b/
C c/k/ or/s/
D d/d/
E e/ɛ/
F f/f/
G g/g/
H h/h/
I i/i/
J j/dʒ/or /h/
K k/k/
L l/l/
M m/m/
N n/n/
Ñ ñ/ɲ/,/nʲ/ or/nj/
Ng ng/ŋ/
O o/o/
P p/p/
Q q/kʷ/
R r/ɾ/
S s/s/
T t/t/
U u/u/
V v/v/
W w/w/
X x/ks/
Y y/j/
Z z/z/

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